Sharing our passion with the world. Our love of photography is endless. Please enjoy the pictures we post and the sentiment behind them. Many blessings, Scott and Valorie Walz

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During the fall and the days leading up to Christmas we have the opportunity to photograph many families, children, seniors and weddings that we have time for little else. Scott and I love this time of year because we love meeting new people, it's like making new friends, and we get to catch-up with customers we haven't seen in a while. We are truly blessed to have a job that we get to be a part of so many families lives and to be fortunate to watch their children grow-up, photograph them through the years and then see them get married. So many of our clients are like our extended family. We are at our busiet during this time but it's like having a family reunion every week leading up to Christmas. Now this is a job you can love! So let me show you what we've been up to. Valorie
Valorie V