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A Beautiful Life: Through the Eyes of a Child | Art in Unlikely Places | Lexington Art League | Scott Walz

Scott enjoys giving back to our community and recently he was approached by our longtime friend Arturo Sandoval, a professor at the University of Kentucky’s School of Fine Art, to be a part of this year’s Art in Unlikely Places. Art in Unlikely Places is a program created by the University of Kentucky’s Arts Administration.

"Art in Unlikely Places connects inspiring artists to those most in need of the transformative powers of the arts. The students' vision is that this organization will deliver the work of inspiring artists to the ailing, the impoverished, and the distraught, sharing beauty with those whose life-circumstances might otherwise prevent them from discovering the hope that is found in the artistic moment.”

This year they have teamed up with the The Kidz Club and Greenhouse 17. Children from both organizations have created beautiful drawings that Scott photographed. From these pieces of art a book will be made. All money raised from the sale of the book will go back to the The Kidz Club and Greenhouse 17.

Please consider supporting this year’s Art in Unlikely Places presented by the Lexington Art League on May7th.