Sharing our passion with the world. Our love of photography is endless. Please enjoy the pictures we post and the sentiment behind them. Many blessings, Scott and Valorie Walz

Will | Lexington Ky Senior Photography

We've been busy photographing seniors and Will is the first of three that are extra special to myself and Scott. You see, Will is a part of our Second Presbyterian Church family. Our church family plays a large and important roll in our lives.


Will has a passion for reading which is to be admired. I don't know about you but I love to read but never seem to find the time...I know, I know this sounds lame. Will also wanted to be photographed with one of his dogs. All of his dogs have been rescued which tells you more about what a great guy he is.


We couldn't be more please to photograph Will for this important time in his life.  We wish Will only the best as he sets out to pursue his college degree as he intends to become a librarian.  Valorie

Valorie V