Sharing our passion with the world. Our love of photography is endless. Please enjoy the pictures we post and the sentiment behind them. Many blessings, Scott and Valorie Walz

Gray’s Senior Portraits | Coldwater High School | Coldwater MI | Scott Walz

I am excited to show you a few of Gray’s high school senior pictures and tell you a little about him. We have known Gray the majority of his life as he has been a part of our church family. I have talked many times about our church family and they truly are family to me and Scott. Having a church family is special in itself and many of you know exactly what I am talking about.

Gray and his family moved to Michigan several years ago and have been truly missed. We have all have heard “Home is Where the Heart is” well I am excited to say Gray will be coming home to go to college. He will be majoring in Equine Management this coming fall.

Picking out the photographs proved to be harder for me than expected. Gray’s black and white senior portraits kept standing out more than the color photographs. Even though all of our senior photography sessions always include a mixture of color and black & white photographs Gray’s just seemed to be more moving and telling than most.

As you view each of his portraits you can see the man he is and the man he is going to be.



Elana | senior photographer lexington ky, Ashland, Henry Clay Estate

It’s a busy time of year to have your senior portrait taken but it’s not too late to plan your fall session. Fall senior portrait sessions book up fast so hurry and get on our calendar before all of the time slots are taken. Remember the days are shorter so our outdoor time is very limited. The earlier you book the better chance of getting the day and time that works best with your schedule.

Here are a few pictures of Elana’s fall session from last fall. It’s a great time to show off fall season of color with some creative outfits that represents your personality.


Will’s Senior Portraits | senior photography lexington ky

I can’t hardly believe that Will just graduated high school! You see, we have been blessed with the opportunity to photograph Will and his family his whole life. I wish I could say that Will has turned out to be an outstanding young man that he is, because of Studio Walz and our awesome influence on young impressionable youth. Surely it must be! Truth be known, he is from a wonderful family and we had nothing to do with his many achievements (even though we would like to think so).

Carly | West Jessamine High School Senior Portraits | Scott Walz Photographer

Carly is truly a lovely girl inside and out, which doesn’t surprise me because her sister and her mother are just the same. We had the honor of photographing Carly’s sister when she was a high school senior.

Carly is quite an athlete. She loves swimming and playing tennis. As many people here in central Kentucky we love our horses and love to ride and Carly is no different.

Her plans are the attend the University of Kentucky this fall.

Enjoy these lovely photos!

Caroline’s Senior Portraits! | senior photographer scott walz lexington ky | lexington catholic high school

We are excited to share with you the senior portraits of Caroline. She graduated from Lexington Catholic High School in the spring and will be attending the University of Kentucky this fall. We have been fortunate and blessed to have photographed Caroline most of her life. Of course, I can’t let this opportunity get by us without showing you her pictures from the past 15+ years. The conundrum is which do we show you first, her adorable growing up images or her awesome senior portraits. It’s a difficult decision but let’s go with senior photographs first and then scroll down to see her precious growing up images. Enjoy!!!