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Three Generations! | family photographer lexington ky | children photographer lexington ky

I am terrible about saying the same things over and over but here it goes. We love our clients! We have been photographing this family from weddings to children/grandchildren. We always enjoy our time with them.

The three generation portion of the sitting was completely impromptu but it has turned out to be some of my favorite images. You can easily see why. The love that shines through their eyes is touching and brings a smile to my face. I hope it does yours too.

King Kids | family photographer lexington ky | photographer Scott Walz

Something that Scott and I love is watching children grow up as a part of our Studio Walz family. Every year when this family has their family photo taken we are always amazed with how much they have changed. Even more so, we like catching up with them with what’s happening at school and their extra-curricular activities.

If you have ever been to our website before then you have seen their family portraits over the years. Sometimes their photos are taken here at the studio and other times at different locations around Lexington. No matter where their portraits are taken they turn out wonderful.

This time they wanted the look of horse country and you’ll see that’s exactly what they received. We love our city and are proud to live in the horse capital of the world.

Thank you to the King family for being a part of our Studio Walz family.