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Formal Children’s Portraits | Studio Walz | Lexington Ky

Not too long ago it was not unusual for a family to bring their children in for formal portraits. Sometimes families brought their children in one at a time when they reached a certain “age” or the whole family would come in. Enlargements were ordered for the living room to mark the cornerstone. Now, we receive calls from people wanting to know if we actually have a studio and do we have fill lights and reflectors. They are looking for a family photographer that can be there for the special times in their family’s life marking those special occasions as births, christenings, first communion, family portraits, high school senior portraits and weddings.

We have found that children raised coming to Studio Walz for their portraits are always at ease and love their time here. They grow up knowing Scott as their family photographer and are excited to see us when they arrive. Truly, our clients become a member of our extended family.

The times may have changed and we have changed along with it but we will not stop photographing the timeless formal portrait. Here are some images taken of this precious little girl. She loved her time in front of the camera and her special time being the center of attention.