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Jacquelyn and Brendan | wedding photographer lexington ky | studio walz blog

On a beautiful fall day I had the happy pleasure of photographing Jacquelyn and Brendan in celebration of their engagement and upcoming spring wedding.  We started out at Brendan's parents home exploring the fields and sparkling light and burning fall colors.  It was clear at once how truly in love they are and how exited they are about their future together.

We walked the grounds laughing and talking and making these wonderful photographs.  The trees and barn were fun to explore and the time past quickly and sweetly.

Soon we were off to finish our session on the University of Kentucky's awesome campus and were greeted by shouts of encouragement and congratulations while being serenaded by the fabulous UK marching band.   They were in the practice field preparing entertain all the fans at Commonwealth Stadium and cheer on our beloved Wildcats. 

Both engineering students, we went to the center of campus where they spend much of their time and took in the day and its glowing end.  The kiss of warm light on Memorial Hall and the glow of the setting sun were magical and left us with the final challenge of the day.  Could two future engineers master the art of hard hat kissing?  You'll have to watch and see!