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The New Studio Walz!

New-Entrance Photo

Wow, what a crazy couple of months it has been. I had hoped to keep you updated with the progress of our remodel and show you pictures along the way. Well, things didn't actually happen the way I thought. There wasn't much time for anything else because we stayed open during the whole remodel. An amazing transformation of the studio happened in a few short weeks. Walls came down and walls went back up along with new flooring, lighting and a beautiful entrance area and dressing room. We still have a few small projects that we are working on. One of which is a new frame corner sample area and another is all new portraits for our walls. Here are a few progress images that depicts the progress that was made.

Remodel-1 Walls came down and old flooring came up.

Remodel-2 New walls going up and new sub-floor (no more squeaky floors!)

Remodel-3 Drywall complete, prepped and ready to paint. Thank you for letting me share our new studio with you. We are enjoying our new digs! Valorie